Dominic Thurmer Photographer
Dominic Thurmer Photographer

Welcome to my website 2018. I'm an enthusiastic photographer specialising in fashion/editorial portrait work. I love the creative aspects of producing fine images. Part of that is connecting with as wide a range of people as I can, so if you are interested in a photo shoot please feel free to contact me. All the details you need for arranging a photo session and what's involved are covered using the tabs above. 

If you need any additional info please feel fee to contact me.


"The better at photography I get, the further from my dreams I realise I am"

I've spent more than 25 years building a reputation for delivering a quality product. The last 10 years or so, have seen a change in the type of photos I produce. I now tend specialise in fashion based portrait images. Check my Facebook photos section, over 800 Albums showcasing more than 40,000 images from photo shoots taken since I joined Facedbook in 2008


Dominic Thurmer

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