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Is there a charge for a photoshoot or to get pictures after the event.

NO, this is a hobby I do as and when I have time, I know there are scams out there so be cautious, but you can check with other people on Facebook directly to see if it is true. 


How do I book,

Facebook or email me. You can ring but I suggest you contact me on-line first.


What should I bring

Read my section how to prepair for your photoshoot, you must invest time in this aspect of your shoot. 


What will I need to do during the shoot,

I'll guide you 100% in terms of pose, posture and the look we need, I'm happy to try your ideas but I'm also happy to show you 100% what to do. 


Can I bring a friend or share the shoot



Can I still shoot, i discussed a few months/years ago but never followed up

Absolutely no problem, yes. 


I'm not really a model, does it matter.

No problem, it's fun producing great pics and across social media they can be really useful. 


What about hair and makeup

You can prep before or when you arrive but make an effort to look your best it will really help. 


How long will the photo session take

1-2 hours. 


How many pictures will I get.

Approx 40-50


Can I use them as I like,

Yes, credit me where you can,


Do I need to be a friend on Facebook to shoot,

It helps me if I can tag and post that link on your wall after the event.


Do the images have to go on line.

Yes, there's no point me doing them if I can't share them.


If I paid you could they stay private

Yes £250, bank-transfer in advance. 


I've shot before can I shoot again

100% yes, unless you were rubbish, check with me first. 


Will you shoot my pet dog,

Check this section for full detail. 

Contact me


Dominic Thurmer Photography,

Marshall Road, Rainham, Kent. ME8.

Tel: 0791 2376 490


or Facebook

Book a session

An easy way to book a session is to contact me via Facebook. This helps me to see and understand who you are and then plan for the type of images that will work for you. If you are already established on Purestorm or Model Mayhem then you can contact me through there.

Check my Services (what I do) section because I do have preferences as to the type of shoots I do. You are welcome to call or email as well, contact details above.


I take great pride in my ability to create fantastic photos. To see for yourself what I produce, have a look at my portfolio or go to my Facebook album section for over 800 individual albums and well over 40,000 photos on display showing what I can do!

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