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Aim to bring a good range of the best clothes you have.


5-7 complete looks is ideal, although less can be more if you are struggling to find enough clothes to bring. We can help with a few bits too, just let me know if you don't have loads of gear. Good dress up clothes really make great pictures, think club night out, weddings, dinner date, job interview, Red carpet event, Vogue magazine. Shops like Matalan, TK Maxx and the outlet centres Choice often have great value items around £20.00.  Online look to boohoo asos  and Fashion Union for great value clothing. Look too at trends, how to build looks and how the models showcase them too.


Bring shoes, boots and flats too to help create a variety of looks. Coats and Jackets, hand bags and sun glasses. We have killer heels in sizes 4-8 so if you need to borrow a pair on the day let me know. Watch the video below for ideas around a simple little black dress.


Leggins/tights look great with short skirts or long jumpers and are really useful if sitting/lying photos are being taken


Clothes with interesting shapes or profiles, a strapless top for classic head shots, black dress for some vintage images.


Experiment, get out your comfort zone borrow gear that you wouldn't usually wear and be as expressive as you can!


Get nails looking good, don't ignore this part of your preparation, they are a big feature in head and shoulder photography. A cheap set cost £1! They don't last long but look at the picture above for the impact they give. Wax too if needed, legs and arms. Don't apply fake tan to your face and not body you'll look slightly ridiculous and worse still dead from the neck down. 


The more expressive you are the better variety of pictures you'll have. Smile, laugh have fun on camera these are often the best images, see below!


If you want a spray Tan, before your session, Samantha's Mobile Spray Tanning offers a 10% discount on all her services if you mention my name! Contact her for full detail. Click this link for more detail.


Any questions please ask.




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An easy way to book a session is to contact me via Facebook. This helps me to see and understand who you are and then plan for the type of images that will work for you. If you are already established on Purestorm or Model Mayhem then you can contact me through there.

Check my Services (what I do) section because I do have preferences as to the type of shoots I do. You are welcome to call or email as well, contact details above.


I take great pride in my ability to create fantastic photos. To see for yourself what I produce, have a look at my portfolio or go to my Facebook album section for over 800 individual albums and well over 40,000 photos on display showing what I can do!

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