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Prices and fees

Photography for me is a hobby. I don't charge for sessions, they are free. Its something I've done for years! I've shot over 600 people since 2008 when I started specialising in portrait photos. There's a good chance someone you know has had a shoot with me, you are welcome to check with them who I am, what I do, how I operate and is it really free? Feel free to ask any questions you like about your session, it's always important to gather as much info as you can if you are unsure about something. 


I don't charge because it would change the dynamics of what I do and how I do it. That means there is no charge before during or more importantly after the photo session in order for you to get access to your images. You can use your pictures to promote yourself, send to agents, agencies etc, credit them on-line when you can, it helps me connect with more people. 


I shoot as and when I can and we work together as a collaboration to produce great pictures. It's a classic time for prints concept except you'll get you copies via a download option or as posted on Facebook after the event. I spend time after the shoot processing the best images from the photos we've taken, I never release all of them and I use my experience and judgement in making choices as to which photos I work on. I've processed a quarter of a million photos since 2008 so my judgement is at the heart of what makes a great photo! I would never aim to publish a photo that damages your image or my reputation.


I can help you get great value prints if you need after the session, this is my current favorite on-line printer 


Contact me if you need more detail.



Contact me


Dominic Thurmer Photography,

Marshall Road, Rainham, Kent. ME8.

Tel: 0791 2376 490


or Facebook

Book a session

An easy way to book a session is to contact me via Facebook. This helps me to see and understand who you are and then plan for the type of images that will work for you. If you are already established on Purestorm or Model Mayhem then you can contact me through there.

Check my Services (what I do) section because I do have preferences as to the type of shoots I do. You are welcome to call or email as well, contact details above.


I take great pride in my ability to create fantastic photos. To see for yourself what I produce, have a look at my portfolio or go to my Facebook album section for over 800 individual albums and well over 40,000 photos on display showing what I can do!

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