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Please read this.

It's important your read this and understand how a photo shoot works with me so we hopefully avoid any confusion regards issues after your session.


Photo shoots are 100% free but I need to display the results on a range of websites like Facebook and my own site. On Facebook I like to tag photos onto your wall so people can see who shot them and if interested contact me for a similar session. If you remove that link you damage the chance of me expanding the range of people I can connect with. I'd ask you please discuss with me if you plan not to share your images on your wall. You might think people will just ask you but they don't!


I understand you might want to filter images in over a period of time if they are promo based but I still would like to have 12 or so as an album on your Facebook wall and mine as a link back to me. As I tend to produce 40 or so images per session this should be doable. 


With regards to the pictures I send you. I only deliver the best of the best images from the shoot, 125 photos on the day will produce approx 40 final images, if you are outstanding more, rubbish slightly less. It's my judgement that makes the final decision, based on over 30 years experience, half a million photos processed and a better understanding than you of what makes a good/great picture. This is industry standard at many levels, if you expect otherwise please don't get me involved in your shoot.


Check my Facebook  photos link to see the process in action.



Contact me


Dominic Thurmer Photography,

Marshall Road, Rainham, Kent. ME8.

Tel: 0791 2376 490


or Facebook

Book a session

An easy way to book a session is to contact me via Facebook. This helps me to see and understand who you are and then plan for the type of images that will work for you. If you are already established on Purestorm or Model Mayhem then you can contact me through there.

Check my Services (what I do) section because I do have preferences as to the type of shoots I do. You are welcome to call or email as well, contact details above.


I take great pride in my ability to create fantastic photos. To see for yourself what I produce, have a look at my portfolio or go to my Facebook album section for over 800 individual albums and well over 40,000 photos on display showing what I can do!

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